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CAC GHB 70 - The God of Abraham praise | Yin Olorun Abra'am  Praise the name of the Lord your God, who hath dwelth wondrously with you. Joel 2:26.   1 f The God of Abraham praise, ... 

Praise the name of the Lord your God, who hath dwelth wondrously with you. Joel 2:26.  

1 f The God of Abraham praise, 
Who reigns enthroned above, 
Ancient of everlasting days, 
And God of love, 
Jehovah Great I AM! 
By earth and heaven confess’d; 
I bow and bless the sacred name 
For ever bless’d

2 mf The God of Abraham Praise, 
At whose supreme command 
From earth I rise, and seek the joys 
At His right hand, 
I all on earth forsake 
Its wisdom, fame, and power 
And Him my only portion make, 
My shield and tower. 

3 f He by Himself hath sworn, 
I on His oath depend; 
I shall, on eagle’ wings upborne, 
To heaven ascend; 
I shall behold His face 
I shall His power adore, 
And sing the wonders of His grace 
For evermore. 

4 di Though nature’s strength decay, 
And earth and hell withstand, 
To Canaan’s bound I urge my way 
At His command 
The watery deep I pass, 
With Jesus in my view 
And through the howling wilderness 
My way pursue

5 mf The god who reigns on high 
The great archangels sing; 
P And, Holy, holy, holy, cry, 
Almighty King. 
cr Who was and is the same, 
f And evermore shall be; 
ff Jehovah, Father, Great I AM, 
We worship Thee. 

6 f The whole triumphant host 
Give thanks to God on high; 
Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! 
They ever cry. 
ff hail. Abra’am’s God, and mine, 
I join the heavenly lays; 
All might and majesty are Thine. 
And endless praise.

E yin oruko Oluwa Olorun yin,Eniti o fi iyanu ba yin lo Joe2:26

1. f Yin Olorun Abra'am,
Ti O njoba l'oke,
Eni t'O ti wa titi lae
Olorun 'fe
“Jehofa nla l'Emi” 
Gbogbo eda jewo,
Mo fi 'bukun f'oruko Re 
Titi laelae.

2. mf Yin Olorun Abra'am,
Nip'ase Eni ti
Mo dide, mo si wa 'tunu
Lowo 'tun Re;
Mo ko aye sile;
Ogbon at' ola re;
On nikan si ni ipin mi
At’ asa mi.

3. f On na ti se 'leri;
Mo gbekele eyi;
Un o fi iye idi goke
Lo si orun 
Un o ma wo oju Re
Un o si yin ipa Re, 
Un o korin 'yanu t'or'ofe
Titi laelae.

4. di B'agbara eda pin,
T'aye at'esu nde,
Un o d'ojuko ona kenan' 
Nipa 'se Re
Un o re odo koja
Bi jesu wa lokan
Un o koja n'nu igbo didi
Lo s'ona mi.

5. mf Oba Oke orun 
Olor' angeli nke
p Wipe “Mimo, Mimo, Mimo”
Oba titi
cr En'ti ki yi pada, 
f Ti y'o si wa laelae
ff Jehofa baba, “Emi ni”, 
Awa yin O.

6. f Gbogb' egbe asegun 
Yin Olorun loke,
Baba, Omo at' Emi, ni
Nwon nke titi,
ff Yin Olorun Abra'am!
Un o ba won korin na,
Tire l'agbara at ola
Pelu iyin. Amin.

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