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CAC GHB 140 - Our Lord doth come, the world will quake | OLUWA mbo aye o mi

Composer: George Hews  (1835) Meter: Incipit: 32313 23453 54533 Key: E♭ Major Tune: Holley Our Lord doth come, the wo...

Composer:George Hews (1835)
Incipit:32313 23453 54533
Key:E♭ Major
Tune: Holley

Our Lord doth come, the world will quake,
And every mountain shall be moved;
And all the stars of heaven too,
Shall cease to shine nor give their light

Our Lord doth come, unlike before,
When He came in humility;
When He was slain as Lamb of God,
Our suffering Saviour who has died

Our Lord doth come, doth come in fear,
In flaming fire and in great wrath;
Coming, on Cherub wings doth fly,
Coming, the great Judge of the earth

Is this the One Who walked on earth,
Just like a pilgrim on life's road
Was persecuted and oppressed,
Is this the One, He that was slain

The wicked hid themselves in vain,
Hid in the rocks and in the dens;
But faith that has the victory,
Shall sing at last, ''the Lord has come''

OLUWA mbo; ayé o mi,

Oke y'o sidi n'ipo won,

At' irawo oju orun,

Y'o mu imole won kuro.

Oluwa mbo; bakan naa ko,
Bi o ti wa n'irele ri;
odo-aguntan ti a pa,
eni-iya ti o si ku.

Oluwa mbo; ni eru nla,
L'owo ina pelu ija,
L'or' iye apa Kérúbù,
Mbo, Onidajo arayé.

Eyi ha ni eni ti n rin,
Bi ero l'opopo ayé?
Ti a se 'nunibini I?
A! eni ti a pa l'eyi?

Ika: b'e wo 'nu apata,
B'e wo 'nu iho, lasan ni;
Sugbon igbagbo t'o segun
Y'o korin pe, Oluwa de.

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  2. I need the piano version of this Hymn for all the 5 Stanzards. Thank you.

    1. Please send the piano version of the Hymn to niyibax@yahoo.com
      Thank you.


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